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Need some info about car shipping

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  • Need some info about car shipping

    Hi, guys. I bought a mustang roush 2005, but the car located in another state (I am in LA CA, car in Seattle).
    I`d like to use the car shipping service to bring it, but i didn`t use it before.
    Can someone give me basic information about it? How to find a carrier? What are the quotes now? How to prepare the car for transportation?

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    When it comes to car shipping, it's pretty straightforward. You'll want to find a reliable car shipping company. I've heard good things about Car Shipping Companies They offer a range of options to fit your needs. To get quotes, you can usually provide some basic info like pick-up/drop-off locations, car type, and preferred delivery time. Before the car gets picked up, give it a good wash and document any existing scratches or dings. Taking photos is a good idea – just in case. Remove any personal items from the car too. Make sure you communicate with the carrier about any special instructions.


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      Congrats on the Mustang Roush!


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        Car shipping can be a breeze. To find a carrier, you might want to check out for quotes and tips. They have a guide on finding affordable shippers at As for preparing the car, make sure to remove personal items and take note of any pre-existing damage.
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