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Proposal: The Crypto Lounge Experience event in Barcelona

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  • Proposal: The Crypto Lounge Experience event in Barcelona

    We are organizing a one-day event on Saturday 29th July as part of the zkWeek (Zcon4 and ZKProof 5.5) in Barcelona. It has been conceived as a new concept of conference in cryptography, featuring a treasure hunt, inspiring conversations, intimate tutorials and experiences around human connection, the impact of cryptography in society and intentionality around building in the space.

    There will be both cryptographic sessions for interacting uniquely around technical content, mostly focused on ZKP, and the experiential sessions will be aligned with the main story line of the event.
    We are excited to work with the ZF to make this event happen during zkweek.

    We have submitted a proposal for the ZCG to become a sponsor to the event, which would allow to cover costs of the venue, production and staff. The grant would enable us to give more scholarships to those who need it. You can find all the info on the proposal itself

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    Hello, the idea of "The Crypto Lounge Experience" in Barcelona sounds amazing! Imagine getting together with fellow crypto enthusiasts, sharing insights, and maybe even learning a thing or two. By the way, have you checked out Immediate Edge? They might offer some interesting perspectives to enhance the event.