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Franchise, how do you decide which games to play?

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  • Franchise, how do you decide which games to play?

    Just like the title says, how do you decide which games to play? I mean 162 games is a lot of games.. Do you play all of them, do you just play division games? I'm just curious how some of you decide on what to play and what to sim in your franchises.

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    Everything is very simple, in those that I like visually, and in those in which I am making progress, although not from the first time


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      When it comes to online games, it's a whole other ball game. You gotta take into consideration the popularity of the game and how active the online community is. 'Cause let's be real, playing against the computer can only be so fun. But speaking of games, have any of y'all ever played those online beauty games? They may not be sports games, but they're addictive as hell. You get to design your own characters, do their hair and makeup, and dress 'em up in all kinds of cool outfits. Plus, they're free to play and don't require a fancy gaming setup.


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        That's a great question! With 162 games in a franchise, it can be overwhelming to decide which ones to play and which ones to simulate. Some players opt to play all the games to fully immerse themselves in the experience and control the outcome of each match. Others prefer to focus on division games or matchups against key rivals to add excitement and strategic depth to their season.
        By the way, if you're looking to shake things up a bit, have you ever considered trying out bingo games that pay real money? They're a fun and rewarding way to take a break from franchise mode and potentially win some cash prizes.
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