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The Best Productivity Apps for iPhone

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  • The Best Productivity Apps for iPhone

    The usefulness of new technologies is evident and visible to all. At the distance of a touch, it is possible to reach any part of the world, contact people on the other side of the planet, find out the news of the day in any country or even monitor changes in air traffic live. Mobile app development has opened the door to new worlds full of new experiences. The key is lightweight, easy to carry and fits in the palm of your hand. With a simple iPad or iPhone you can access Apple's App Store and download applications that will revolutionize your daily life.

    Those who think that this digital store only contains mobile games are wrong. In fact, there are countless tools you can find there to help you manage your C Level Executive List time better, condensing in a single device everything you need to carry out your work in a practical and efficient way. These iPhone apps are called productivity apps . Video and text editors, time managers, calculation or astronomical recognition tools are just some of the examples of the type of applications that fall into this category.

    In this article we'll let you know the best apps for you to be successful in all your day-to-day tasks. Start downloading mobile apps and take advantage of all the potential that the digital world has to offer. If you prefer, we also made a pdf file with all the best 64 apps of 2014 . You can download the PDF FILE HERE. CLICK ON THE IMAGES TO DOWNLOAD THE APPLICATIONS! active voice Active Voice: Turn what you say into text instantly (full support for Brazilian Portuguese + 34 other languages). Don't type anymore. Just talk and that's it! – Tensift Price: $1.99 With Active Voice you can use your voice to write messages and emails.

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