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Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

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  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

    AI or Artificial intelligence may be referred to as a machine or a computer which is capable of solving any problem or any task, that can be done by humans, with the help of natural intelligence. There is a synchronization between technology and algorithms in such a way that it provides assistance to the humans, who with ordinary intelligence, to get a simple task done without being given any sort of order.

    Artificial Intelligence merged with Healthcare industry In today’s high-tech world, a major role of technology has come up with the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in every field as well as the personal lives. Among these industries, AI plays a significant role in healthcare industry. This integration of AI with healthcare industry is contributing to the healthcare app development, further resulting in improving as well as saving many lives all over the world.

    Technology of AI merged with medical science turns into a broad innovative field giving room for sustainable health. Regarding development of mobile applications, artificial intelligence provides such a high-level of assistance to their users that the companies are compelled to engage AI deeply in their apps.

    In the medical and healthcare industry, there is great dependence on AI due to which the number of innovations in healthcare app development can be seen. These apps help in better diagnosis, efficient surgical procedures, and overall improved health care.

    A lot of contribution has been made by AI in the healthcare industry. There has been a great usage of electronic medical records (EMR), mobile technologies such as tablets and smartphones, by which both the physicians as well as patients have experienced benefits.