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Rules and Best Practices in Public Contracting of Translation

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  • Rules and Best Practices in Public Contracting of Translation

    It is not difficult to get a small idea of ​​the vast set of needs that all types of public services are confronted with on a daily basis. There is, therefore, a manual of procedures for the public procurement of goods and services that establishes not only what entities must scrupulously follow, but also stipulates the rules in which it must be done. It's a complex process, that's for sure. The rules for any type of public procurement of goods and services are extensive and varied, and here we are only referring to tenders that affect, in one way or another, language service companies capable of carrying out, for example, translation, interpretation and localization.

    Among the precautions that exist in launching any public tender is the concern with the price, which must be the lowest among those presented. A natural concern, but one that should not, however, make another point invisible in the observation of applications: quality. What do we mean by quality? In practice, we are talking about the ISO 17100 Quality Standard 2015 by the International Special Database Organization for Standardization. Public procurement of language services It is important, therefore, to recall the importance of the ISO 17100 Quality Standard, not so much from the perspective of what it means for a company like AP Portugal - Tech Language Solutions - one of the few certified translation companies, but in what this requirement translates to customers and ultimately to end consumers.

    The definition of this standard, published in 2015 by the International Organization for Standardization, is a good indication of its importance: “ISO 17100:2015 provides requirements for the main processes, resources and other aspects necessary for the provision of a quality translation service. that meets the applicable specifications”, can be read here (English version). A practical case of ISO 17100:2015 But, more than the value of words, let's look at a practical case that reflects the difference between a translation job carried out by a company certified by the standard under analysis in comparison with another entity that is not governed.
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