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The Metaverse: What is it and why could it change the world as we know it?

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  • The Metaverse: What is it and why could it change the world as we know it?

    You've probably heard of the metaverse and probably don't fully understand what it's about. This concept that captures everyone's attention today arose in 1992 with the novel Snow Crash. It is there where the author Neal Stephenson introduces for the first time this revolutionary term that possibly changes the perception of the world and the way we interact.

    On this occasion, we will try to tell you in the simplest way that we can find what it consists of and what are the possibilities it offers.

    What is the metaverse about?
    The etymological meaning of the word metaverse is beyond the universe, this term refers to a kind of alternate reality, a virtual world.

    The metaverse concept implies an immersive experience of a multisensory nature. To achieve this, it is essential to accompany this experience with the use of technological developments, artificial intelligence, augmented reality and various devices.

    We can then conceptualize the metaverse as a virtual environment in which people interact through avatars. The interaction can be of all kinds : social, economic, labor, etc.

    Characteristic elements of the metaverse
    According to the Telecommunications expert and university Hong Kong Email List professor in Indiana Edward Castronova, who has dedicated himself to studying the metaverses; These are characterized by presenting these three elements:

    Interactivity. It implies the existence of communication and interaction with other users within the metaverse. In this sense, the actions of the users must be able to influence both the objects that make up this alternate reality and the other users.

    Corporeity. It is necessary that this virtual universe contemplates certain physical laws that allow the user to access it in the first person .
    Persistence. This virtual world must have continuity , in the sense that, even if no user is connected, the system continues to operate.
    Zuckerberg's version
    Currently, some examples of the metaverse can be seen, such is the case of Second Life or what happens with the digital economy and NFTs . However, Zuckerberg raises a more specific and far-reaching idea. So big is his bet in this regard, that he changed the name of his Facebook company from him to Meta .

    Zuckerberg aims to achieve an experience that implies total immersion , a kind of absolutely virtual parallel reality. It would be entered through technological devices that use artificial intelligence, biometrics and augmented reality.

    It even pursues that the devices to be used can follow movements and interpret facial expressions perfectly. The idea is that the avatars can recreate the user in such a way that they can transmit emotions and body language.

    The idea is to incorporate the physical world into the virtual one and vice versa. Without a doubt, an incredible idea that offers a new perspective and promises to change the world. Meta is not embarking on this venture alone; Nvidia, Google and Microsoft, for their part, also do the same when it comes to the metaverse.

    The metaverse and its possibilities
    At this point you are surely wondering: what does the metaverse have to offer? The answer is complex, in the sense that right now the metaverse is more of a project than a reality. If it materializes successfully, it could constitute the greatest advance of the network and therefore, its possibilities would be infinite .

    Meta's vision hopes that this virtual universe can offer the same possibilities as the real world. The idea is that it is possible to acquire goods virtually, clothes, cars and even real estate. It can also be practical to carry out work meetings , our avatar would be the one who attends the virtual office while we are at home.

    At the economic level there are great expectations, especially after the rise of cryptocurrencies. It is expected to generate new virtual currencies , micropayment systems and even job opportunities .

    Of course, social interactions would be really special and distances could be shortened significantly. It doesn't matter where we are in the physical world. If you are in Beijing and you have a relative in Madrid, both of you can be together in the metaverse.

    Will the world change?
    Undoubtedly, if this idea materializes and is massive, the world will experience a change. It has done it before with the advent of the internet, social networks and different technological tools.

    New business modalities, virtual currencies, work spaces, leisure modalities and new ways of relating will surely emerge. However, there is still a long way to go to get to that point. There is still a lack of technological support, artificial intelligence devices and the necessary infrastructure.

    In addition, it is necessary to see how affordable it is . If it becomes a privilege of a few, it may not imply major changes.

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