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  • Automate Your Transactional Emails

    Ever heard of transactional email automation. These are emails sent automatically to your customers every time they take a certain action within your website. And why invest in this strategy? Well… as the saying goes: “time is money”. Every time an employee of your company uses a lot of time for a task that could be done in an automated way, your investment will not generate profit. Thus, it is important to invest in email automation. Were you curious? See how transactional email can be an excellent tool for your digital marketing strategy! Can you imagine having to prepare an invoice email for every purchase made within your e-commerce? There is no professional who can handle it. It is a repetitive and very monotonous task. Over time, the employee loses productivity. Instead of having an employee who has the mission to answer emails, make him more productive. But how? Automate transactional email service. Communication with your customer will be faster and more effective.

    Check out five benefits of this tool for marketing your company. 1- automatic segmentation segment the contact that enters the list automatically according to your user profile. Even before the email is sent, it is already possible to know who will receive it. 2- analysis of flows and detailed reports with the Phone Number List automation of emails, it will be much simpler to analyze how the communication with the user is going. How many emails were sent? How many users are you keeping in touch with? All this will be done automatically. 3- deliverability: this is the metric that measures how many triggered messages reached the recipient. The deliverability rate should always be high, so you can know if your content is actually reaching customers. 4- user attention: by sending emails to your customers or potential customers, you will always be calling them and urging them to consume your content. This can bring the user closer to your brand.

    Call to action opportunity emails are excellent. Windows to attract the user to consume your product. In a simple transactional welcome email, you can entice the customer to look at your store's products or like your instagram page. Email automation benefits what is the difference between transactional email and marketing email? This is a very common question among professionals who want to start with emails in the company. Certainly the two have some similarities, but the goals of each of them are quite different. Transactional email is a response to the user regarding an action taken on your site, such as a registration or a sale. In short, it's a pretty straightforward action for a specific customer. Email marketing works in a different way. It is content produced by the marketing team for all your future or potential customers. Therefore, these are mass emails.