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    It appears to me that by keeping the handicappers on the sports services site ONLY, we are getting no exposure whatsoever, as i feel the only people posting and reading the posts are competitor handicappers, and the public is not being able to see our traits. What can we do so we can get exposure for everyone hitting those forums where all the HITS are going? You got every tom dick and harry posting thier plays there, whats the difference if I post there as long as i dont DO AN AD on those sections for example

    Ty Gaston likes Detroit +10 over Seattle in Monday nite action?

    At least people will see the name, then maybe realize i am a handicapper just like they are and maybe get some people to follow me...Ty Gaston

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    not a unreasonable question


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      You need to check out my twitter page as I usually weet mosts posts on here including yours which gives you exposure to thousands more people. Now how many forums do that for you?