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Casitsu Casino blocking bonuses and raising Deposit limit

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  • Casitsu Casino blocking bonuses and raising Deposit limit

    Casitsu Casino
    I've made a few (5-6) deposits (no withdraws) here without any trouble earlier in the year. So anyway I got an email for a 150% deposit 
    Clicked the link and saw they raised my deposit minimum to $30 (states $10min NZD on offer but $20 is normally my minimum that I've used on other deposits) ok so opened live support. Asked if the bonus offer was valid and they wanted a screenshot which I gave. 2 minutes later they said ok valid for another 4hrs.
    Then I asked about the minimum deposit?  being raised to $30. They said that's what it is which I disagreed and to look at some of my other transaction. 3 minutes later they said oh they have raised it recently and it's the banks and it's normal with all casinos. Which I disagreed again and said I play at multiple other casinos and even one under their owner and operators Dama N V Casinos, BitStarz casino.
    This is where it gets ugly. Chat OP gets nasty and states that's what it is now and do I want the bonus or not? Then I asked again why has my deposit limit been raised to $30 minimum?
    They refused to answer and just kept saying " Is there anything else I can help you with?" Meanwhile I get an email from Casitsu Casino in the background as I'm on live chat stating I have reached their Bonus Ratio limit????? Now wtf is that?? They bonus ban me after 6 small deposits combined to about $150 all deposits.
    Is this is how you retain your customers? Send them a bonus offer, raise the minimums then when they query these points get nasty and belligerent. Then to top it off send an email blocking all future bonuses.
    They were so impolite I just straight up said....Can you close my account please? Yes with a please! I got one line back.....your account has now been closed and closed the chat.
    If your ever going to play at this casino beware they will try and squeeze you for cash then when you query anything be prepared for a harsh outcome.
    ATTACHED screenshots of offers and email

    By the way.....I joined under the Casinogrounds Affiliate link

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