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    Originally posted by garth View Post
    Just a couple of thoughts FWIW...The contest would be closer to a capping contest if the consequences of a loss were applied rather than a loss being neutral. If someone picks a -150 favorite and loses $150 is subtracted from his total, $100 loss for a dog, etc. This idea may already be incorporated into the other contest currently going which I'm not a part of. If so, cool. Downside of this idea is that the contest may be unduly prolonged if everyone goes into a slump. probably wouldn't be a good idea to have a contest span two or three seasons. The contest would probably have to be within a timespan rather than 'first to $1000'

    An entry fee would sweeten the pot, even if it were only $10. If mods don't want to deal with the administrivia associated with money collections that's totally understandable, just thought I'd throw it out there for consideration. The contest was fun as it was so if it's the same I have no beef. Thanks to Monte, Che and Kaz for staking the pot.
    Hey buddy. Thanks a bunch for the ideas. All of our last contests have been where you incurred a loss. This was a trial and really meant to be a quicker contest where you could just drop a play in and be done with it. And maybe we can try a contest where everyone drops some money in to sweeten the pot during football. The money for these has come from Monte and then guys like Hammy, Cheche and JC putting their winnings back into the pool and I will as well now, so we could keep them going.

    Our next contest will probably be one similar to what you have just mentioned. Generally around 14 days and best record wins.

    Thanks again for your ideas. We appreciate feedback.
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    I'm just here so I won't get fined....


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      sounds good, Kaz. I'll enjoy the competition regardless of format.